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Skala Polichnitos

Skala Polichnitos is located in the southwestern portion of the island (45km from the capital Mytilini), and offers an equal balance of olive groves, pine forests, natural springs, and superb beaches.

The name Polichnitos is a compound of the words “polla ichni” (many traces). Local oral tradition has it that out of fear of the Saracen pirates, many small, mostly coastal hamlets (ichni) relocated to their current inland position, surrounded by hills, and invisible both from the Bay of Kalloni and the Aegean Sea.

The region is fascinating. The discovery of Paleolithic tools and the systematic recording and study of animal fossils in the Vatera region fill one page alone. There are also countless early Christian churches and monasteries, and picturesque chapels. The stonework used the modern villages is unique. You’ll also find a Folklore Museum, a Museum of Natural History, and the famous thermal spas at Polichnitos and Lisvori.

The surroundings are well known for their rich flora and fauna.

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