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Eressos Village is situated on the South-Western part of Lesvos Island, 90km from the capital Mytilini. On the main square (plateia) of Eressos you will find some great restaurants and shops. It's a picturesque place for a coffee or ouzo with mezze.

In Eressos, the visitor can admire the beautiful traditional house settlement with the stone houses and the characteristic lesbian colours; the red of the roof tiles, the green, the deep purple, the brown, the blue of the doors and windows, as well as the yellow ochre, the indigo and the white of lime on the walls and the blooming yards.

At walking distance you will find beautiful small country mansions and three churches; Panagia (Blessed Virgin Maria), St. Constantine and Holy Irene's - the last one has a wooden temple of admirable handicraft. Everywhere you look you will see traditional houses, composed from rock and with lovely gardens with flowers.

Behind the main square you will find the imposing "Theofrastion" school, which shows elements of classic architecture, and today is used as elementary, junior high, and high school. The center of the village forms a square where the Town Hall is situated.

A few kilometers far from the village, eastwards, the monastery of Pithari (Moni Pithariou) is situated. It is dedicated to the Archangels. South of the monastery, a clay earth dam is under construction, which is expected to be extremely beneficial to the irrigation of the whole Eressian plain.

The area called Kambos stretches from the inland village of Eressos up to the outer edges of the beach town of Skala Eressos, located 4km away. The Kampos is a flat plane and the entire area has quite a number of traditional houses which can be renovated and as the land here is extremely fertile it is very suitable for growing your own plants and trees.

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