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Sigri is located in the west part of the island, 93 kms from Mytilini. The name of Sigri comes from the Latin word 'securo' which means safe harbour.

On first impressions, one may wonder what the small fishing village of Sigri has to offer even the occasional visitor ... but scratch the surface and you will find a wealth of offerings. Located on the South West tip of the island, just 26km from Skala Eressos, Sigri is home to a number of natural phenomenon and monuments which should not be missed.

Sigri Village by www.odoiporikon.com

The village itself is built on a jutting peninsular of land with the sea on both sides. Coming into the village, you will first see the little harbour with it's colourful fishing boats. Sigri also has a large commercial dock which is used as destination for ferries from mainland Greece.

Many locals fish here and the restaurants all serve the fresh catch of the day along with various other delicacies such as the local 'Horta' a spinach like vegetable found locally in the mountains. The main square is a raised stone platia with a view over the bay and fishing harbour. Here you will find bars and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Further up and to the rear of the village you will find other restaurants, a traditional Soulvaki (Greek kebab shop) supermarket and post office. Sigri has many small cobbled and paved streets and is a joy to wonder around. It is a small haven and barely touched by tourism, definitely a place to enjoy peace and quiet.

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