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Many of you who have visited Greece and her islands for holiday or business trip, at some point dream about the possibility of owning your own space under the Greek sun. Usually the reasons for dreaming about these possibilities are plenty. Life in Greece is relatively stress free and often quite rural, especially on the Greek Islands. Also the weather conditions are good as there is almost always sunshine, also in winter. And when you compare the prices for real estate at home with those here in Greece they usually turn out to be much lower, which makes owning a property or piece of land a very attractive investment for personal or business use.

Photo by www.odoiporikon.com Photo by www.odoiporikon.com
Photo by www.odoiporikon.com Photo by www.odoiporikon.com

The market for buying real estate in Lesvos Island has, in the last few years, grown steadily. This is mainly due to the interest of foreign buyers in investing their money in properties and land abroad. Some invest their money and buy a second house abroad, others decide to give up their own properties at home and buy something in Greece so they can permanently settle or retire here.

Buying a property in Greece has become a new fashion of many Europeans and other nationals and often they look for a summer or holiday house to buy on a Greek island. Lesvos island has its own benefits and charm. Located in the Aegean Sea between Limnos and Chios and with its own airport and daily connections by ferries to Athens, the island of Lesvos is ideal for buying a property. The prices of plots and houses are not so expensive like in other islands and the mainland.

Photo by www.odoiporikon.com Photo by www.odoiporikon.com
Photo by www.odoiporikon.com Photo by www.odoiporikon.com

Up until very recently legislation over property ownership in Greece by foreign nationals was prohibitive, but due to the liberating effects of the European Union, this is no longer the case. Property Buying is still a process which requires expert advice and assistance however and we at Sappho Estate are ready to assist you with every aspect of buying or selling your property on the island of Lesvos. In our pages you will find a variety of Houses, land, villas and businesses for sale so please take your time to look around and contact us if you would like to receive more information and discuss your personal opportunities for owning your unique space here in Greece.

Your dreams ARE our real(i)ty!